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Students & Parents

Undergraduate Bachelor’s degrees:
Secondary school students bound for colleges and universities in North America or the UK have specific needs when it comes to their college applications. The process requires a serious commitment of time and energy in order for students to have the best chance at being accepted to their first choice of university. Ideally, students will spend the final two years of their high school experience actively engaged in university planning. To this end, HEA offers one- and two-year comprehensive packages of support. For students starting the process a bit late, i.e., with less than a year before application deadlines, there are several HEA à la carte services available. One of these options is bound to meet your needs.

Graduate – Master’s and doctoral degrees:
An increasing number of final-year bachelor students are considering enhancing their studies through the pursuit of a master’s degree, or doctoral study. HEA offers a range of services that will enable you to select the most appropriate postgraduate study, be that a master’s, MPhil, MRes, MBA, PhD and a multitude of other qualifications available. Your academic record will be analysed and recommendations regarding the most suitable programs and institutions will be provided, together with support on the individual requirements of each university. Application essays and résumé construction are key elements of this service.

Gap Year Planning

Taking a gap year is becoming more attractive as it provides
students with more flexibility, and the opportunity to focus on the future without the distractions created by coursework and examinations. HEA will support you to identify suitable employment opportunities and specific gap year programs, as well as working
with you during your gap year to submit your applications.

Secondary Schools Consulting Services

Time is a commodity that is rarely afforded these days, and this is particularly true in high schools. The multiple demands placed on teachers and those who lead departments and schools results in a pressure that can, at times, feel overwhelming. HEA offers schools
a variety of services, ranging from information evenings about university opportunities to a full consultancy service that supports students and their families in the entire university application process.