Undergraduate one-year package

This option offers unlimited access to an HEA counsellor during a student’s final year of high school.

Among other services, the one-year comprehensive package supports students in researching universities that match their interests and ambitions; setting a timeline for navigating the application process in an orderly fashion; completing multiple university applications (and financial aid forms as needed); and drafting personal statements/college essays that get noticed by university admissions representatives. We also communicate with college admissions offices to confirm receipt of all application materials and vigorously advocate on behalf of our student clients.

Undergraduate two-year package

The two-year comprehensive package provides all the benefits of the yearlong option with the added advantage that students are provided an additional year of access to their counsellor.

This option is ideal for long-term planning of students’ extracurricular involvement and internships, which are vital to submitting a successful application. Additionally, any improvements that are deemed necessary in school performance or standardized test scores (like the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT)) can best be addressed if tackled early, i.e., at least one year before the student submits their first application.

Graduate one-year package

This option provides graduate school applicants with constant access to an HEA counsellor and all of our services during the course of a year.

Our comprehensive package of support addresses the specific requirements of master’s and doctoral program applications, including drafting the statement of purpose, research proposal and advice regarding appropriate letters of recommendation. Support is also provided for the general admissions tests such as the GMAT and GRE.

HEA à la carte

Clients requiring short-term support can choose HEA ȧ la carte.

This option allows for the selection of specific services (e.g., personal statement brainstorming & editing, mock interviewing, etc.) on an as-needed basis. Also available is HEA Expedited – A special service for students needing to meet an application deadline within 30 or fewer days: Additional charges apply.
€350 per hour

Life Coaching

Students sometimes require an enhanced level of support, either while in secondary school or once they have secured their place at university.

HEA provides a wide variety of services that compliment those offered by schools and universities, including professional careers guidance, résumé writing, interview practice and techniques, research into suitable internships and professional placements, and in-depth support throughout high school, a bachelor degree program, and beyond. These services are provided on a bespoke basis, with provision individually tailored to a student’s particular needs and requirements. Further details can be provided upon request.